For those interested in where it all began, here is a little history about myself and my grandpa, also named Howard Linamen  Grandpa started Linamen’s Appliance back around 1970 in Bemus point New York which is on the North side of Chautauqua Lake across from  Lakewood, N.Y. He then moved to Florida and ran a successful appliance repair business and store.

I grew up in Jamestown New York and majored in Machine Trades. I then went to work in a few different machine shops and even became a second shift supervisor in a vary busy production shop. What I soon  realized was I didn’t have freedom and there was no way for me to get ahead, so I revived Linamen’s Appliance and within a year I was busy enough to quit my job and go full time. The business grew quickly and in a few short years I managed to pay off my home and all my debt. I now have the freedom, peace of mind, and respect from my community as a trustworthy successful business man.

Linamen’s Appliance